The First Stage Class Study Summary Meeting

- Mar 15, 2019-

        On March 15, 2019, Altrasonic's two new employees took turns to make a class summary report. The boss and all the employees were present to listen and evaluate the new employees' learning.


        At the meeting, Rachel and Doris, two new employees, took turns to share and summarize their learning situation in recent days from the four aspects of product learning, drawing learning, reception process learning and foreign trade documents learning.


        After the summary, the boss made a comment on the two new employees, that we should learn how to make PPT from the new staff, and put forward several requirements , hoping that the new staff can make practical actions after theoretical learning. Finally, the meeting ended in warm applause.

       This meeting is conducive to understanding the new students' recent learning situation, and has a guiding effect on the learning progress of subsequent classes.  At the same time, for new  employees, is also a good platform to show.