The Feature Of Ultrasonic Food Cutting Blade

The Feature Of Ultrasonic Food Cutting Blade

Date:Sep 03, 2019

The food ultrasonic cutting knife utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology to cause the cutter body to generate high-frequency vibration when cutting food, cut the food, and in the process of high-frequency vibration, the food body does not stick to the food residue, and the cut is smooth and smooth. The cut food is not easily deformed. The ultrasonic cutting knife is suitable for cutting all kinds of foods, such as cakes, breads, pizzas, cheeses, sweets and other soft and sticky foods and frozen foods such as frozen meat, frozen fish and the like.

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Ultrasonic food cutting knife features:

1. Non-stick knife, the cut is smooth and tidy.

2. High-frequency vibration generated by ultrasonic waves can reduce the shear resistance during cutting, making the cut food not easy to deform and reducing food debris.

3. Food ultrasonic cutting heads are made of imported high-quality medical grade titanium alloy materials, which will not have any impact on food.

4. Reduce the number of cleanings, high cutting efficiency and reduce labor costs.

5. Suitable for fragile, sticky food cutting.

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