​The Effect Of Ultrasonic Homogenizer On Wine

​The Effect Of Ultrasonic Homogenizer On Wine

Date:Dec 08, 2020

The effect of ultrasonic homogenizer on wine

We know that alcohol (liquor, wine, rice wine, beer, cocktails, etc.) vinegar foods, with the extension of storage time, the fragrance will be more popular with people, this is the natural aging of alcohol and vinegar, producing some special aromas Type of matter's sake. The freshly produced wine contains drunkenness ingredients, is more irritating, has unpleasant smells such as irritating and spicy. After a period of storage (ageing), the aroma is coordinated, the irritation and spicy taste is obviously reduced, and the wine taste is soft. Traditionally, the aging time of wine is generally as long as several years or even more than ten years, and the use of ultrasonic treatment can greatly shorten the aging time.

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1. Rice wine aging effect

Ultrasonic aging of rice wine has obvious effects. The content of acid, alcohol, aldehyde, vinegar, and fat in the wine has a similar trend with traditional aging wine.

2. White sprinkle aging effect

After the ultrasonic treatment, the aroma and taste of the liquor will change. The ultrasonic treatment can promote the aging of the liquor and have a certain influence on the liquor degree, total acid, total fat, methanol content, etc.

3. Beer aging effect

The unique bitterness of hops will appear when the beer is ultrasonically treated for 5 minutes, and the use of ultrasonic waves in beer production can save raw materials.

4. Wine aging effect

Ultrasonic treatment of wine can not only age the wine, but also settle down the suspended matter and other fine particles, which can be stabilized within two years.

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