The Difference And Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaner And Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter

The Difference And Application Of Ultrasonic Cleaner And Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter

Date:Mar 11, 2021

The difference and application of ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic cell disrupter

1. The principle and application of ultrasonic cell disruptor

The working principle of the ultrasonic cell disrupter is based on the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid. The transducer generates high-strength shearing force in the liquid at the top of the tool head through the horn through the horn, forming high-frequency alternating water pressure to make the air The cavity expands and explodes and crushes the cells. On the other hand, due to the violent disturbing effect of the ultrasonic wave when propagating in the liquid, the particles generate a great acceleration, and thus collide with each other or collide with the wall of the vessel to be broken.

   is widely used in the fields of biochemistry, medical pharmacy, food testing, environmental monitoring and other fields to break animal and plant tissues, viruses, bacteria and other cell structures, as well as in the chemical reaction process of emulsification, separation, and homogenization.

   2. The principle and application of ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaner uses the alternating frequency signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, which is converted into an alternating frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and propagated to the medium-the cleaning liquid. The strong ultrasonic wave is in the form of dense and dense interphase in the cleaning liquid. Radiation from the object being washed. Produce "cavitation" phenomenon, that is, the form of "bubbles" in the cleaning liquid, resulting in rupture. When the "cavitation" reaches the moment when the surface of the washed object is broken, an impact force of far more than 1000 atmospheric pressure is generated, which causes the dirt in the surface, hole and gap of the object to be dispersed, cracked and peeled off, so that the object can be purified and cleaned.

   is mainly suitable for small batch cleaning, degassing, mixing, extraction and cell crushing for commerce, light industry, colleges and universities, and scientific research.

   Three, the main difference between crusher and washer

The main principles of the ultrasonic cleaner and the ultrasonic cell disruptor are the same. The main difference is that the ultrasonic cell disruptor concentrates all the energy on the probe, while the energy of the ultrasonic cleaner is evenly distributed at the bottom of the cleaning tank. Therefore, Ultrasonic cleaners tend to degas and clean, while ultrasonic cell disruptors tend to disrupt, emulsify, and homogenize cells.

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