The Classification Of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

The Classification Of Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Date:Aug 29, 2018

The Classification of Ultrasonic cutting machine

       Similar to conventional cutting, the basic components required are a cutter and a chopping block. the ultrasonic cutting machine has two basic structures. Depending on where the ultrasonic is applied, we can divide it into ultrasonic cutting knife type cutting machine and ultrasonic chopping block type cutting machine. The ultrasonic cutting knife type cutting machine directly loads the ultrasonic energy onto the cutter, and the cutter becomes a cutter with ultrasonic waves. When cutting materials, the material is mainly softened and melted by ultrasonic energy. The cutting edge of the cutter only serves as a slit positioning, ultrasonic energy output, and separation material. This cutting method is suitable for cutting thick and long materials that are inconvenient to handle on the cutting board. Such as raw rubber output from the rubber mixer, pipe cutting, frozen meat, candy, chocolate cutting, printed circuit boards, or hand-held cutting machines.


       The basic structure of the ultrasonic chopping board type cutting machine is similar to that of the ultrasonic cutting knife type, except that the ultrasonic output portion is not a cutter but a standard ultrasonic flat mold. Here, the mold is equivalent to a cutting board. However, this is a cutting board that is used for ultrasonic vibration. The cutting knife can still be used in the traditional shape, but the sharpness of the cutting edge is reduced, and the life of the cutting knife is greatly extended. This cutting method is suitable for cutting thin flaky material, such as all kinds of trademark, garment lace, fabric cutting like natural fiber, synthetic fiber, non-woven fabric, synthetic resin, etc..

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