The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Food Cutting

The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Food Cutting

Date:Sep 18, 2020

The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Food Cutting

Ultrasonic technology improves the cutting quality and consistency of food by cleanly slicing multi-textured food without deformation.

Ultrasonic vibration applied to the cutting tool can form an almost frictionless cutting surface, which brings many benefits. This low-friction cutting surface can cut many foods into thin slices without staining. Since the resistance is reduced, it can also be cut into thin slices.

It can cut foods containing vegetables, meat, nuts, berries and fruits, without the internal products being deformed or displaced. The low friction conditions also reduce the adhesion of the product to the cutting tool, thereby making the cutting more uniform and reducing downtime. And because the ultrasonic generator has advanced process control functions, the cutting performance can be controlled by adjusting equipment parameters.

Ultrasonic food cutting systems can be used in the following applications:

• Hard cheese and soft cheese, including products containing nuts and fruit pieces

• Sandwiches, wraps and pizzas for the catering industry

• Nougat, candy, granola bars and healthy snacks

• Semi-frozen meat and fish

• Fresh or frozen vegetables

• Bread or cake products

• Ice cream and other frozen snacks

The ultrasonic food cutting system consists of the following components: generator or power supply; sensor; ultrasonic booster cutting tool or horn; and material handling system.

Proper automated machine programming and good maintenance practices can greatly extend the service life of the corner cutter. Similarly, with ultrasonic technology, the sharpness of the cutting edge is not as important as the mechanical knife. Many ultrasonic cutting horns are designed with a small surface on the cutter head to extend cutter life and improve performance.

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