The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Cutting Technology?

The Benefits Of Ultrasonic Cutting Technology?

Date:Sep 17, 2020

For a long time, laser technology has been considered the most advanced technology, but with the emergence of new solutions, the effectiveness of the latter has caused controversy. The contribution of ultrasonic technology makes it possible to overcome the limitations of laser cutting and welding. This ultrasonic technology is a major success, especially in the plastics, textile and food industries. The effectiveness of ultrasound to lasers lies in its operating mechanism, which is based on oscillating motion generated by high-frequency electrical energy.

Ultrasonic cutting machine has the following advantages:

– Precise cutting: Compared with laser, the cutting quality obtained with ultrasonic cutting machine is much better. Ultrasonic cutting machines have extremely high accuracy and can better meet various cutting restrictions in industrial environments.

–Energy saving: Compared with laser, ultrasonic cutting machine consumes less energy. However, it provides better cutting and/or welding quality.

-Easy to operate: The ergonomics is very interesting.

–Optimized industrial process: Whether it is used for cutting materials or sealing materials, integrating the use of ultrasonic cutting machines and welding machines into industrial processes can save time, increase productivity and increase productivity to the greatest extent. Facing the ever-increasing market demand has better flexibility.

– Better reduce environmental impact: Ultrasonic cutting machines will not have a negative impact on the ecosystem. It is recognized that its use is not dangerous in an industrial environment. Cutting and ultrasonic welding is a reliable technology that respects the environment.

-Hygiene: Industrial processes implementing such technologies still need to comply with strict hygienic conditions to reduce the risk of product contamination. The law strictly stipulates different cutting conditions: the temperature of the product, the nature of the support...

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