​The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Emulsification

​The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Emulsification

Date:Oct 22, 2020

The Advantages Of Ultrasonic Emulsification

1. The average droplet size of the emulsion formed by ultrasonic emulsification is small, which can be 0.2 to 2um; the droplet size distribution range is narrow, which can be 0.1 to 10um or narrower.

2. Ultrasonic milk concentration is high, pure emulsion concentration can exceed 30%, and emulsifier can be up to 70%.

3. The emulsion formed is more stable. An important feature of phacoemulsification is that it can produce extremely stable emulsion without or with less emulsifier.

4, can control the type of emulsion. With phacoemulsification, under certain sound field conditions, o / w (oil-in-water) and w / o (water-in-oil) emulsions can be prepared; however, this is not possible with mechanical emulsification methods, only the properties of emulsifier In order to control the type of emulsion.

5. Toluene is emulsified in water, which can form one type of emulsion under low sound intensity conditions, and form another type of emulsion under high sound intensity conditions.

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