Technical Discussion Of Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Technical Discussion Of Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Date:Dec 18, 2019

This month, a customer came to our company to discuss the technology of ultrasonic products. Customers are interested in our ultrasonic rotery seal.

Since the schedule of the client is very tight, we held a meeting with the client in the hotel.

Our sales manager Hogo and the technical team worked with the customer on the technical discussions. The theme of this meeting is to use ultrasonic sealing machine to weld medical filter cotton and non-woven fabrics.

If the customer has any questions, we will patiently answer them one by one. Our goal is to better understand customer’s needs, provide the most appropriate ultrasonic machine, improve the quality of service, so as to enhance the corporate image and efficiency.


The following is the picture of the negotiation with the customer:


The customer has brought their own welding materials, a total of 12 layers of fabric stacked together for sealing and cutting. We carried out a sealing and cutting tests, and the test results were highly recognized by customers.

The following picture is the customer's non-woven fabric material.


The whole negotiation went very smoothly.


Later,we conducted welding test on the customer's materials, and the welding effect was very good, which was recognized by the customer.

Hope that through the communication, let customers better understand Altrasonic product quality and corporate image.

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