Six Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Six Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Oct 19, 2020

Six characteristics of ultrasonic welding machine

     The mechanical part of the ultrasonic welding machine adopts manual up and down lifting, which is economical and practical, convenient and fast. The welding positioning adopts a limit screwdriver, which is convenient for adjustment and low cost.


     Features of ultrasonic welding machine:


     1. IC precision control circuit, automatic overload protection system;


     2. Use the digital code to precisely control the switch and set 1/100 accurately;


     3. Four-point balance adjustment, convenient to adjust the welding head;


     4. Original vibrator, power output is stronger than peers;


     5. No-load, the same resonance when no-load, no need to adjust the welding head frequency;


     6. Optional accessory column/cylinder, guide bearing, precise fine adjustment;


     Application range of ultrasonic welding machine: welding machinery for tanning drums, ink cartridges, car dashboards, headlights, taillights, car filters, etc., large products, level bulbs, level gauges, water optics, optoelectronics, automobiles, semiconductors and hardware, etc. . Food industry: food containers, thermos bottles, lunch boxes, etc.


    Stationery industry: PP file holder, pen holder, stapler, ink cartridge, etc. Electronics industry: tissue culture bottle caps, electrical accessories, trademarks, impellers, activated carbon filters, water pipes, etc.,


    But it should be noted that the ultrasonic welding time cannot be too long: plastic products will not only melt the plastic, but also cause the plastic paper to scorch due to long-term heating, which will produce water or gas. The sand is in the sand cave. Enter the hole. . This is the most difficult place for ordinary production technicians to find.

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