Several Factors Influencing The Effect Of Ultrasonic Welding

Several Factors Influencing The Effect Of Ultrasonic Welding

Date:Aug 29, 2018

Several Factors Influencing the Effect of Ultrasonic Welding

      Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is applied more and more widely in the plastics industry, while modern technology requires more and more stringent ultrasonic welding, and different materials, product structure and product size all affect the effect of ultrasonic welding.

1.     The influence of different plastic materials for ultrasonic welding of large hot melt machine, such as ultrasonic welding materials such as easily:, PS, ABS, POM, PVC, PA, PC, PPS, PBT, and other materials.

2.     The structure of the product to the welding effect of product impact is bigger also, such as the design of the product is designed and the optimum ultrasonic vibration friction welding machine waveguide fuse (can ensure welding firmly at the same time, avoid too much product welding when the glue), whether the welding requirements water tightness, this structure requirements are higher, the best professional welding engineer cad welding structure.

3.     The size and shape of the product is also related to the ultrasonic welding effect. For example, the larger the product may need a high-power ultrasonic welding machine to be welded, or a combined type of ultrasonic welding machine. The smaller the product, the higher the ultrasonic frequency, the better the welding effect. Therefore, we'd better provide the shape and size of the product to the engineer before purchasing the equipment, and let the engineer select the model for you so as to ensure that the product can be welded well.

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