Replace Terminal Cold Pressing Process, 50 Square Car Wiring Harness Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Replace Terminal Cold Pressing Process, 50 Square Car Wiring Harness Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Date:Dec 30, 2020

Replace terminal cold pressing process, 50 square car wiring harness ultrasonic metal welding

With the advent of new energy vehicles, it is accompanied by the upgrading of automobile manufacturing processes, among which the ultrasonic metal welding process is currently irreplaceable.

The ultrasonic metal welding process was discovered accidentally in the process of ultrasonic welding of plastics by Sono in the United States. It has only been 50 years. Its principle is simply the process of vibration-friction-heat generation-fusion-solidification. There is a difference from the traditional vibration friction welding technology, which transmits the vibration of the ultrasonic frequency of 20Khz per second to the surface of the workpiece to be welded, so that the molecular layers are merged to achieve the welding effect.

At present, the wire harnesses of new energy vehicles mainly use 35 square meters and 50 square meters for the welding of cables and copper terminals. Due to the large current during the operation of electric vehicles, the traditional terminal cold pressing process cannot effectively control the welding position. Temperature rise often causes the solder joints to fall off due to high temperature. The advantage of ultrasonic metal welding is that it has excellent electrical conductivity after welding, and the temperature rise of the solder joint is not obvious, and it will not fall off at high temperature.

In the process of Tesla's charging test in Nanjing, there was an explosion accident due to the loosening of the cable connector. Therefore, ultrasonic metal welding is a standard at home and abroad. Many manufacturing companies must require this process, especially for export. product.

Since domestic ultrasonic technology has not yet reached the level of developed countries such as the United States and Germany, in the field of ultrasonic metal welding, the larger square wire harness that we can weld is about 50 square meters (1.1 million US machines), like 70, 90 large wire diameters Cable, domestic equipment is still unable to do, although you choose 6KW, 8KW high-power ultrasonic generator, but the core technology lies in the transducer, how to efficiently convert the 8KW electric energy into mechanical energy? Can the ultrasonic welding head be maintained in a stable frequency band? This has a decisive influence on the welding effect.

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