Multi-strand Harness And 2mm Terminal Soldering

Multi-strand Harness And 2mm Terminal Soldering

Date:Jul 24, 2019

Multi-strand Harness and 2mm Terminal Soldering

Ultrasonic metal spot welding is applied to: metal wire harness, copper and aluminum wire harness, metal braided wire, metal stranded wire, metal guide wire, wire harness terminal, battery wire, wire harness forming, wire harness and thin rod, copper wire lead wire, multi-strand Copper wire, motor lead, terminal cable, connector harness, stranded copper wire and motor lead, copper and aluminum wire and end piece, airbag wiring harness, etc. Widely used in automotive, electronic appliances, motors, communications equipment, mechanical equipment, instrumentation and other industries.


The ultrasonic welding process is very fast, typically occurring within a few milliseconds or less, so the welding of the workpiece requires only a small amount of heat compared to other welding.

In the field of welding, this has great technical advantages, which can effectively prevent the friable crystal regions of the two workpieces from being damaged during the welding process, and then transition to the solid material.

High weld strength is achieved by dispersing the atomic layer on the workpiece. The welding principle of ultrasonic metal welding is similar to that of molecular diffusion welding. This is generally used on coated, coated or uncoated and non-ferrous metals.


The welding of wire harness to copper terminal makes use of ultrasonic welding principle to make the contact surface of copper wire and terminal locally heated.Small welding resistance, strong welding spot.The wire diameter varies from 0.75 to 50 square meters and the copper terminal thickness is up to 2mm.


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