Introduction To The Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Vibrators

Introduction To The Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Vibrators

Date:Nov 20, 2020

In the industry, the whole connected transducer and booster is called vibrator. It is a device that realizes the mutual conversion between electrical energy and mechanical energy (acoustic vibration) by the effect of piezoelectric ceramics, and amplifies the device through the front and rear radiation cover blocks matched with acoustic impedance.

1. Cleaning transducer: Piezoelectric ceramic conversion device, which converts high-frequency sinusoidal voltage signal into high-frequency mechanical vibration signal, is installed on the bottom or side wall of the cleaning tank, is transmitted through the tank and acts on the cleaning medium, and The vibration signal of the transducer is converted into a cavitation effect, and the attachment of the object is quickly peeled off to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

2. The transducers produced by our company have low calorific value, good thermal stability, low resonance impedance, good consistency between frequency and static capacitance, and complete and smooth waveforms of frequency and impedance.

3. Various cleaning transducers can be customized according to the needs.

4. Reference for frequency selection: low-frequency ultrasound (17-50KHZ) is suitable for most occasions or where the bonding strength of dirt and the surface of the cleaning parts is high, and high-frequency ultrasound (50-200KHZ) is suitable for cleaning precision parts. In order to achieve a more ideal effect, low frequency and high frequency ultrasound can be selected at the same time.

5. The cleaning transducer is used in dishwasher industry, mining industry, electroplating industry, hardware cleaning industry, solar photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry, integrated circuit industry, optical industry, etc.

Features of ultrasonic vibrator:

1. High performance: high mechanical Q value, high conversion efficiency and good quality;

2. The transducer has large amplitude and superior performance;

3. The heat resistance of the transducer: the piezoelectric ceramic material has good heat resistance, which can expand the temperature range of use, at the same time, the Q value is high, the resonance impedance is small, and the heat generation is small;

4. The appearance of the transducer is clean and tidy, free of rust, no obvious dents and scratches.

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