Introduction Of Ultrasonic Multi-points Riveting Welding

Introduction Of Ultrasonic Multi-points Riveting Welding

Date:Aug 14, 2019

The automobile ultrasonic multi-point riveting machine adopts multiple sets of ultrasonic welding system as the main structure, and the whole adopts high-strength steel as the frame. Many welding heads are simultaneously pressed and welded, and PLC control ensures the production efficiency while ensuring the welding quality of the automotive interior parts. .

The welding rhythm of the automobile ultrasonic multi-point riveting machine is generally about 30S. The production cycle of different automotive plastic parts varies according to the number of solder joints. The welding surface and the back surface are free from damage, cracks, deformation, high strength, and very beautiful.

The device is equipped with a safety grating alarm function, the workpiece is placed incorrectly, the manual misoperation has an alarm function, and the device does not work, reducing the scrap rate. Easy to operate, reliable performance, compact size, and improved production efficiency and quality.


1. Multiple welding heads are crimped at one time for high production efficiency

2. PLC control system, welding parameter adjustment is completed in the man-machine interface (touch screen)

3. Device status warning three color lights, touch screen information automatic analysis feedback

4. Alarm light: equipped with red, green and yellow lights, you can clearly know the operation of the equipment.

5. It is activated by double button and equipped with double protection of safety grating to ensure the safety of operators.

6. Air cooling system ensures that the workpiece can be cooled quickly during welding and the welding speed is increased.

7. The device can be set to manual/automatic status

8. The device has a protection function. Once there is no product, the device automatically detects and does not work.

9. Lighting system: The equipment is equipped with fluorescent lamps to ensure that the operating environment is not affected.

10. Equipment capacity: 3 shifts per day / 8 hours per shift

11. Operation mode: adopting the standing position operation, manually loading and unloading, and the equipment automatically completes the welding.

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