Introduction Of 40K Ultrasonic Cutting Knives

Introduction Of 40K Ultrasonic Cutting Knives

Date:Sep 04, 2019

Ultrasonic cutting knives, also known as ultrasonic cutting machines, are an ultrasonic device dedicated to cutting and are one of the important categories for ultrasonic applications. The principle of ultrasonic cutting is completely different from the cutting in the traditional sense. Ultrasonic cutting is to use the energy of the ultrasonic transducer to melt the local heating of the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. Therefore, the ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp cutting edge, nor does it require a large pressure, and does not cause chipping or breakage of the material to be cut. At the same time, since the cutting blade is subjected to ultrasonic vibration, the frictional resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easily adhered to the blade. This is especially effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials such as video, rubber, etc., or inconvenient objects.

Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage, that is, it has a fusion effect at the cutting position while cutting, and the cutting portion is perfectly sealed, which does not cause the textile material to flash. The use of ultrasonic cutting knives can also be extended, such as digging holes, shovel digging, scraping paint, engraving and so on.


Ultrasonic cutting knife range:

Hot fiber, synthetic fiber, all kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, etc.;

Thin plastic products such as plastic film, mobile phone case

Paper, ground film

Rubber, silicone

ABS, PP, PE, etc. 2mm thin sheet


Ultrasonic cutting knife features:

Can replace the blade to increase productivity and save costs

Air cooling device ensures that the continuous boot handle is not hot

Light weight, reducing processing fatigue

Complex, precise cutting with just a light touch

Large output amplitude for easier cutting

Ultrasonic cutter technical parameters:

Frequency: 40khz

Dimensions: drive power (265 * 165 * 170), body (α32 * 170)

Weight: drive power (3.6kg), body (0.2kg)


Ultrasonic cutter style:

Tool type: The ultrasonic wave is applied to the cutting tool to make the tool generate ultrasonic vibration, which is the cutting effect.

Chopping board type: The ultrasonic vibration is applied to the cutting bottom mold. This bottom mold is like the cutting board used in life, so that the cutting board generates ultrasonic vibration, which can also play the cutting effect, and the cutting tool does not need to be changed. The tool can be.

Two cutting methods are available for different process conditions and cutting objects.


Ultrasonic cutting knife advantages:

It can be air-cooled and water-cooled to adapt to various working conditions and environments.

The cutting speed is greatly improved, and the efficiency of the traditional cutting knife is increased by more than 10 times.

Use high-power ultrasonic transducers as vibrating components to ensure long-term stable operation

A wide range of cutting tools, as well as custom-made cutting tools according to customer's craftsmanship

Produces disc-shaped ultrasonic tool cutting equipment for rolling cutting for special cutting applications

It can cut products that are difficult to cut with common tools and solve production and processing problems.

High-hardness inserts can be installed, cutting blades can be replaced, reducing the cost of use

Easy to install and use, almost no change to the original cutting process


Different material cutting speed parameter table:

Cutting Material


Cutting speed














Non-woven fabric



Chloroprene rubber


Easy to cut

Corrugated board


Easy to cut



Easy to cut

Glass fiber resin


Easy to cut

Thick cardboard


Easy to cut

Flax (liner cloth)


Easy to cut



Easy to cut



Easy to cut


Easy to cut


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