How Ultrasonic Nozzles Work

How Ultrasonic Nozzles Work

Date:Mar 03, 2021
How Ultrasonic Nozzles Work
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Each ultrasonic nozzle works at a specific resonant frequency, which determines the size of the droplet.The nozzle is made of a very high strength titanium alloy and 316 stainless steel, ma.The king is very resistant to chemical attacks and provides superior acoustic performance.The electrical active element is contained in a sealed enclosure to protect the piezoelectric element.Wires for sensors, electrodes, and external contamination.Chemical impermeable o ring ensures seal integrity.To learn more about how ultrasonic nozzle atomizing liquid, g o to


The liquid feed tube is an integral part of the former titanium horn that runs the entire length of the nozzle.Therefore, the liquid is only in contact with the titanium in the nozzle.Normally, the nozzle provides a 316 stainless steel compression fitting mounted in the rear of the liquid feed tube, which matches the appropriate polymer tubing.


The nozzle shown above has a cone atomizing surface.Its purpose is to disperse the spray.Some applications require very narrow sprays.In this case, the atomized surface is carved into a flat or almost flat surface.Depending on the width of the spray pattern and the required flow, the atomized surface may have a small diameter or a large extension.Ed, flat.

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The left-most illustration on the left is a cone spray pattern formed on the surface of the cone atomization.Usually, the diameter of the spray envelope from 2-3 to 2-3 is achievable.

Central figure is than - the characteristics of micro spraying nozzle. For this type of nozzle, orifice size ranging from 0.015 to 0.040 inches. Generally recommend that use in your application The traffic here is very low, need to narrow the spray pattern.

The illustration on the right depicts a cylindrical spray shape that can be used in a relatively high volume of applications, but must limit the horizontal range of spray patterns.

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