How To Detect A Problem With The Ultrasonic Transducer?

How To Detect A Problem With The Ultrasonic Transducer?

Date:Nov 23, 2020

The transducer is the core component of the ultrasonic vibration system. The quality of its core component, the transducer, directly determines the performance of the ultrasonic product. The frequency of the transducer is high, and how to accurately test the power and efficiency of the transducer has always been a difficult point in the industry. In this regard, how should the ultrasonic transducer parameters be detected?

1. Parameter detection; check whether the parameters of the transducer match the parameters of the electric box and whether the desired effect can be achieved.

2. It can be distinguished from its production process and appearance: it directly reflects the importance of technology to product quality. The quality of products with good workmanship and appearance will naturally be better (but not absolutely). Moreover, the design process directly affects the product quality.

3. It can be identified according to its process design and materials used: but this requires a good understanding and experience of transducer materials. Whether the design is reasonable or not should be determined based on the selected materials. The quality of the materials directly affects the quality of the product. The quality of materials of the same specification is different, and the quality varies greatly. No matter how bad the material is, the best technology can make a good product.

4. Computer test :

 (1) Stability test (simulated aging test); test the power output stability of the electric box and the transducer with the rated load of the equipment.

 (2), overload operation test; test the stability and life of product quality. This test only needs to carry the rated load and run continuously for 8 hours.

    (3) Power output test; it can detect the matching between the transducer and the electric box, and at the same time reflect the size of the electric box and the load power output of the transducer. The larger the mold belt, the better the working effect, indicating the power output The stronger. (The current can only reflect the output efficiency, not the power of the device).

If you want to get more accurate data for testing, you can also go to the ultrasonic manufacturer to conduct professional testing through impedance test analyzer.

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