How Does The Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment Work?

How Does The Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment Work?

Date:Feb 24, 2021

How does the ultrasonic extraction equipment work?

With the development of the modernization process of Chinese medicine, the variety and quantity of plant extraction will greatly increase. The extraction equipment is required to have the characteristics of large processing capacity, low production cost, low investment, and high safety when using organic solvents. However, the existing extraction equipment and The process is difficult to meet the above requirements. The continuous extraction equipment for traditional Chinese medicine designed according to the principle of continuous leaching of vegetable oil can meet the technical and safety requirements of large-scale industrial production.

    The rotating body of the extractor is an annular body composed of two concentric cones. The ring body is separated by steel plates to form several grids called material grids. The lower part of the material grids are equipped with false bottoms, which can support materials and penetrate the mixed extract. The outer ring of the rotating body is equipped with a rack, which is driven by a sprocket and a reducer through a chain, and rotates clockwise or counterclockwise around the main shaft. One side of the false bottom is connected with the bottom side of the partition through a hinge, and the other side is supported by two rollers on the inner and outer tracks of the base. When the false bottom is closed, the small rollers move slowly on the circular track and hold the material. Gerry’s materials. During the moving process, the material is soaked in the extraction liquid sprayed from the upper part of the equipment several times, and the extraction process of soaking, draining, soaking, and draining is repeated. The effective ingredients are gradually extracted and exhausted. Finally, spray and soak again with fresh solvent. Then enter the drip drying stage. After the dripping is finished, the wet material falls into the discharge hopper, and the solvent is removed by the material conveying machine to recover the solvent in the wet material.

    Different types of Chinese medicinal materials are extracted with different solvents and different temperatures. The equipment is equipped with a heating device to ensure that the temperature of the mixed extraction liquid and fresh solvent sprayed into the extractor meets the process requirements. The entire extraction process of the horizontal-rotation extractor adopts automatic control, which can control the rotation speed of the equipment, the feeding amount, the spraying amount of the solvent and the extraction liquid, and the temperature, and can realize online measurement of the technical indicators of the extraction liquid according to the needs. It can also implement automatic control on the recovery of the solvent in the medicine residue and the subsequent processing of the extract. Specific adjustments are made according to different types of Chinese medicines and different extraction process requirements.

    Ultrasonic extraction equipment adopts multi-stage countercurrent extraction, the solvent cycle extraction times are many, the consumption is small, the required steam consumption is also correspondingly saved a lot, the active ingredient remains less, and the extraction yield is high.

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