How Does Temperature Affect Piezoceramic Transducers?

How Does Temperature Affect Piezoceramic Transducers?

Date:Sep 05, 2019

               When temperature is changed, the electrodes of a piezoceramic transducer produce voltage. Moreover, temperature has an effect on the properties of piezoceramic transducers. The effect is different for every temperature change. To know the effect for every temperature change, the properties have to be checked each time a change in temperature happens.

              What is the frequency of a piezoceramic sheet’s resonance ?

              A piezoceramic sheet does not have only one resonance. It has several resonances. The number of resonances that a piezoceramic sheet has depends on two factors. These factors are the thickness and shape of the piezoceramic material. A flat piezoceramic sheet has three resonances. These are based on the thickness, length, and width of the piezoceramic material.

              Can a square wave be used on a piezoceramic transducer ?

              A square wave may be used on a piezoceramic transducer depending on the amount of voltage of the square wave. A low voltage square wave will not harm a piezoceramic transducer. On the other hand, a high voltage square wave can damage a piezoceramic transducer. The transducer may break or suffer from shockwave. To prevent damaging a piezoceramic transducer, the adjustment of the square wave should be done carefully.

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