High-power Ultrasonic Transducer

High-power Ultrasonic Transducer

Date:Mar 04, 2021

High-power ultrasonic transducer

The different installation methods of ultrasonic transducers in the application fields have special requirements for the shape of the transducer. Our company specializes in the production of ultrasonic transducers. We design quality transducers with corresponding parameters according to the different requirements of customers. Customers are welcome to call The device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (ultrasonic), among which the mature and reliable device is the piezoelectric effect to realize the mutual conversion of electrical energy and sound energy, called piezoelectric transducer. It consists of a central piezoelectric ceramic element, front and rear metal cover plates, prestressed screws, electrode sheets and insulating tubes. This kind of sandwich transducer (bolt-fastened transducer) generates stable ultrasonic waves when the load changes, and is the basic and main method to obtain the power ultrasonic drive source. According to different designs, their forms mainly include column type (the diameter of front and rear metal cover plates are the same), inverted horn type (the diameter of the front cover plate is excessively reduced by the arc type), column steel back cover, and the column type has a section in the middle.

  main feature:

  High efficiency: The mechanical quality factor is high, and the high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency can be obtained by working at the resonance frequency.

   Large amplitude: The structure is optimized by computer, with high vibration speed ratio and large amplitude of the front cover.

   High power: Under the action of the pre-stressed screw, the energy of the piezoelectric ceramics can be brought into full play.

  Good heat resistance: low resonance impedance, low heat generation, and wide operating temperature range. High reliability and long life.

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