​Features Of Handheld Ultrasonic Welding Machine

​Features Of Handheld Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Mar 02, 2021

Features of Handheld Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic spot welding machine is small in size, and it is operated by hand-held welding head, which is flexible and convenient to operate and does not occupy space.

Main use of handheld ultrasonic welding machine

1. Plastic hardware, riveting, spot welding, folder positioning, etc.

2. Underwear equipment, underwear machinery, ultrasonic, ultrasonic, hand welder;

Features of Handheld Ultrasonic Welding Machine

1. Eliminate the pinhole phenomenon caused by traditional sewing. It is small in size, convenient to work, and does not take up space. Original Japanese transducer, automatic frequency tracking

2. Use vibration to rub or cut, no smoke, no peculiar burnt smell, and eliminate the danger of high frequency, eager cutting machine and air pollution.

3. It can be processed after starting up, no preheating is required, easy to operate, continuous processing speed, high efficiency, and low labor cost.

4. Ultrasonic vibrator has strong output, high efficiency, low welding head temperature and stable machine quality.

Suitable for welding and processing of thermoplastic thin materials. Applicable materials: synthetic chemical woven fabrics, including chemical woven blended fabrics such as T/C6533 plain woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, nylon fabrics, Tedlon fabrics, non-woven fabrics, glitter fabrics, artificial leather, PU, satin Cloth, PS, PVC, PE+paper, TR and various films covered or laminated woven fabrics.

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