English Speech Joke Sharing

- May 23, 2019-

English Speech Joke Sharing

On May 20, 2019,  it was Altrasonic's weekly English speaking time. This week, our foreign trade salesman  Rachel shared some jokes with us - Most Hilarious Responses To Public Notices Ever.

Let's simply share two. As shown below,

-“Coffee maker not hot.”

-“But has a great personality.”

The above "hot" means that the temperature is not high, but the answer to the "hot" is understood as the enthusiasm of the character, saying that it has a good personality, it will make people feel very interesting.


The following is also very funny.

-“This machine takes your money and gives your nothing in return.”

-“Just like my ex.”

In fact, it is to explain that this machine has a problem, and can not be used temporarily. The answer below will make people laugh.


In fact, these are some small moves that can bring fun to our lives.