Do You Know The Common Misunderstandings Of Ultrasonic Welding Machines?

Do You Know The Common Misunderstandings Of Ultrasonic Welding Machines?

Date:Jan 27, 2021

Do you know the common misunderstandings of ultrasonic welding machines?

At present, the use of ultrasonic welding machines is quite popular, and the industries such as product packaging, cutting, riveting, embossing, punching, etc. are indispensable equipment, so a variety of ultrasonic welding machines with various functions have also emerged.

Different application fields, usage methods and requirements for equipment are quite different. There is a big gap among consumers in current use. Pan Fahuayi explained these misunderstandings!

Ultrasonic output power misunderstanding; the size of the ultrasonic output power is determined by the diameter and thickness, material, and design process of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet. Once the transducer is finalized, the power is finalized. It is a complicated process to measure the output energy. to make.

It is not that the larger the transducer, the more power tubes used in the circuit, the greater the output energy, and it requires a very complex amplitude measuring instrument to accurately measure its amplitude. Because most users are too knowledgeable about ultrasound, and some The misleading of these sales staff gave consumers a misunderstanding.

The amount of electrical energy consumed does not reflect the magnitude of the excess output power. For example, if the longitudinal energy produced is low, but the current consumption is large, it can only indicate the low efficiency of the equipment, and the high reactive power is appropriate.

The misunderstanding of ultrasonic welding machine selection: how much output power to use, oscillation frequency, and amplitude range should be considered according to factors such as the material of the workpiece, the area of the welding wire, whether there are electronic components in the workpiece, and whether to airtight. Misunderstood that the greater the power, the better. This is also a misunderstanding.

If you don’t know much about ultrasound, please consult a regular ultrasound manufacturer’s engineering and technical personnel. If possible, go to the manufacturer to collude, and do not blindly follow the misleading of some informal ultrasound sales staff.

At present, companies that produce related equipment are particularly mixed, most of which are family-style workshops, which mimic circuits mechanically and do not understand the working principles.

The imitated equipment has the following fatal flaws: one is that the quality of outsourced materials cannot be guaranteed, and the second is that the core technology of the production process is not mastered. The equipment often exhibits instability when working at medium power and high power, and the product qualification rate is low. Sometimes the equipment is damaged.

Such as the power transformer driving the transducer, the magnetic material parameters used cannot be measured, magnetic saturation magnetic flux density (Bs) magnetic induction intensity (Bm), effective magnetic permeability (Ue), residual magnetic flux density (Br), coercivity Force (A/M), loss factor (tan£), temperature coefficient (au/K-1), the winding process is quite particular, including the vacuum immersion epoxy resin. These test equipment and production environment family factories cannot do it.

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