Customers From Denmark Visit The Factory

Customers From Denmark Visit The Factory

Date:Apr 11, 2019

        On April 11, 2019, Danish customer Francesco and his assistant visited our factory with their tool heads and samples of Adidas shoes materials to know the 20K ultrasonic plastic welding machine.

        First of all, the foreign trade department manager,Ms.Hogo Lv and salesman,Ranchel warmly welcome customers at the gate of the factory.And then, Rachel introduce Altrasonic technology with PPT.

        After the PPT presentation, Hogo took the customer to visit the factory and mainly introduced the 20K ultrasonic plastic welding machine.Meanwhile, technical engineer Leo installed the customer's welding horn on the machine to welding test about material of Adidas shoes.According to the customer's feedback, the welding effect is perfect and they are willing to order this equipment.



        The ultrasonic plastic welding machine designed by our company has a wide range of application, mature technology and rich working mode, which is well received by customers.

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