Composition And Maintenance Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Composition And Maintenance Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Oct 29, 2020

Composition and maintenance of ultrasonic welding machine

1. Ultrasonic welding machine is mainly composed of the following parts: pneumatic part, generator, sensor part and program control part.

2. The main function of the pneumatic part is to complete the pressure work requirements in the processing process, such as pressurization and pressure maintenance.

3. The main function of the generator is to use electronic circuits to convert 50HZ power into high frequency (for example, 20KHZ) high voltage waves.

4. The transducer component converts the high-voltage electric wave generated by the generator into mechanical vibration, which is transmitted and amplified to reach the processing surface.

5. The program control part controls the work flow of the entire machine to achieve consistent processing results.

Care and maintenance;

1. Always keep the welding head, bottom mold and working objects clean.

2. Regularly check whether the cable connector is loose.

3. To clean the air filter regularly, use detergent or water instead of volatile solvents.

4. Wipe the machine regularly, but do not use liquids for cleaning, and do not place heavy pressure or liquid objects on the top of the vibration box.

5. Keep the air in the workplace unblocked and the surrounding temperature should not be too high. (Below 40°C).

6. When not in use for a long time, please wipe the appearance of the machine, oil it for maintenance, and then place it in a dry and ventilated place.

7. When moving the machine, the vibration box should be separated from the main body of the machine (disconnect the cable socket), and be careful when moving to avoid impact.

8. The upper cover of the control box should be opened once a month, and a clean, moisture-free air gun should be used to remove the dust in the control box to maintain good heat dissipation and ventilation of the components.

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