Components Of Ultrasonic Machine

Components Of Ultrasonic Machine

Date:Sep 05, 2019

Components Of Ultrasonic Machine


Ultrasonic machines typically include a generator, a transducer, a horn, and a tool head.

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The ultrasonic generator is capable of reaching electrical frequencies up to 20 kHz.


These electrical frequencies are converted into mechanical motion by a converter comprising piezoelectric ceramics.

This mechanical motion is then transmitted to the horn and its amplitude is increased until it reaches the ultrasonic tool head.

The ultrasonic tool head then transmits the vibrations to the two items that are subjected to the welding process.

The horn and tool head are made of titanium or aluminum, a very durable material and allow for efficient sound wave propagation.

These components can have different sizes and shapes depending on the surface and type of welding.

These are necessary to limit longitudinal vibration and decouple any other lateral or diagonal vibrations that reduce the efficiency of the overall system and dissipate mechanical energy.

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