Common Problems In Ultrasonic Welding Process

Common Problems In Ultrasonic Welding Process

Date:Sep 10, 2019

Common Problems In Ultrasonic Welding Process

Altrasonic today to share with you once in the use of ultrasonic welding machine often make some mistakes, we will aggregate up, easy to let everyone know that, in the later operation don't make such a mistake.


1.Many people in the use of ultrasonic plastic welding, choose some used soft or toughness of plastic parts, but this kind of filler that can absorb ultrasonic, which can lead to welding effect, the resulting product quality is not good, in general, the more soft filler, the greater the adverse impacts on the welding.

2.The use of different plastic parts of the work combination is not right. Because this will cause welding difficulties or even can not weld. In the selection of welding parts, pay attention to conform to this principle: the material shrinkage and melting temperature should be close.

3.The plastic parts that have used the mold release agent are not suitable for ultrasonic plastic welding, because the principle of ultrasonic welding is to generate heat through friction, and the mold release agent will hinder the friction heat generation.

4.The choice of working environment, ultrasonic welding machine is not suitable for work in a humid environment, because water attached to the surface of plastic parts will affect the plastic parts welding, and part of the plastic is very sensitive to water. The same is true of oil.

5.Interface design is easy to ignore. When the requirement of welding is sealing bonding surface or high strength bonding surface, the requirement of contact surface design is very high.

6.The use of non-thermoplastic filler should pay attention to the amount of control, if the use of too much may lead to plastic parts in the welding encounter difficulties, generally speaking, when the amount of filler is more than 30%, is not suitable for welding.

7.In the injection mold, pay attention not to one-time molding of multiple sets of workpiece or multiple sets of mold, because this may occur in the workpiece volume caused by unstable welding effect, such as welding strength is not consistent, the workpiece produced pattern, etc.

8.The welding die is not fixed well or the welding die encounters the lower die or other working objects during the welding process, which is generally caused by the improper alignment of the upper and lower welding die or the fracture of the mold connection screw.


The above is today for everyone to share the ultrasonic welding machine often encountered problems, more exciting content will be presented for you in the future!

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