Common Misunderstandings Of Ultrasonic Welding Machines

Common Misunderstandings Of Ultrasonic Welding Machines

Date:Oct 23, 2020

Common misunderstandings of ultrasonic welding machines

At present, the use of ultrasonic welding machines has become quite popular, and products packaging, cutting, riveting, embossing, punching, and other industries are indispensable equipment, so a variety of ultrasonic welding machines with various functions have also emerged.


Different application areas, usage methods and equipment requirements are quite different, and consumers have big misunderstandings in current use!

Misunderstanding of ultrasonic output power; the size of ultrasonic output power is determined by the diameter, thickness, material, and design process of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet. Once the transducer is finalized, the power is finalized. Measuring the output energy is a complicated process .


It is not that the larger the transducer, the more power tubes used in the circuit, the greater the output energy, and it requires a very complex amplitude measuring instrument to accurately measure its amplitude. Because most users are too knowledgeable about ultrasound, and some The misleading of these sales staff gave consumers a misunderstanding.


The amount of electrical energy consumed does not reflect the size of the output ultrasonic power. For example, the low longitudinal energy generated and the large current consumption can only indicate the low efficiency of the equipment and the high reactive power is appropriate.

The imitated equipment has the following fatal flaws: one is that the quality of purchased raw materials cannot be guaranteed, and the second is that the core technology of the production process is not mastered. The equipment often exhibits instability when working at medium power and high power, and the product qualification rate is low. Sometimes the equipment is damaged.

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