Common Faults Of Ultrasonic Atomization

Common Faults Of Ultrasonic Atomization

Date:Jul 18, 2020

The first step: the atomization film to remove the scale

The humidifier has wind and no fog. If you use tap water for a long time, the remaining scale causes the oscillating film to form water and alkali, which can not operate normally, and the fog will naturally be less or not sprayed out. Treatment method: homemade lemon descaling.

   Note: Do not use strong acid, which is not conducive to maintenance and has potential safety hazards.

Step 2: Check whether there is a problem with the transducer

    Some atomizing sheets are made of stainless steel, so you can't scratch them with a hard object when handling. Once the metal coating falls off, the atomizing sheet will not work properly and the fog will not come out. Be careful when cleaning.

Step 3: Check if the fan is out of wind

    There are two conditions for the humidifier to work: 1. The ceramic oscillator vibrates to produce water mist. 2. The fan rotates to send out the water mist. If it can work but no water mist is sprayed out, the operation is improper and the fan fails. Treatment method: if it hasn't been used for too long, it is stuck, add some lubricating oil and slap it gently.

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