Chinese Herbal Medicine Ultrasonic Extraction Technology

Chinese Herbal Medicine Ultrasonic Extraction Technology

Date:Aug 11, 2020

Chinese herbal medicine ultrasonic extraction technology

         In order to improve the therapeutic effect of Chinese herbal medicine, it is necessary to extract as many active ingredients as possible and remove ineffective and toxic ingredients. Chinese herbal medicine extraction is the most important means to improve the inherent quality and clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine preparations. Commonly used extraction methods have problems such as a large loss of active ingredients, a long cycle, and multiple processes in terms of retaining active ingredients and removing ineffective ingredients.

        The basic principle of the ultrasonic extraction technology of ultrasonic extraction equipment is to use ultrasonic cavitation to accelerate the extraction and extraction of plant active ingredients, as well as the secondary role of ultrasound.

        Crushing, chemical action, etc. which will also accelerate the diffusion and release of the components to be extracted, and fully mix with the solvent to facilitate extraction. Compared with conventional extraction methods, it has the advantages of short extraction time, high yield and no heating.

        It greatly simplifies the operating procedures, shortens the extraction time, improves the product yield and purity, improves the cumbersome, time-consuming and easy-to-emulsify common extraction method, and uses different ultrasonic frequencies and different extraction times to achieve the best results . The effect is separated. The process is very simple and does not require heating.

        As an extraction method, ultrasonic extraction technology has broad application prospects. Ultrasonic extraction technology can avoid the destruction of active ingredients under high temperature and high pressure. Jining Shuanghe Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. is actively developing to solve this problem.

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