Characteristics Of Hot Welding Machine

Characteristics Of Hot Welding Machine

Date:Jul 30, 2019

Characteristics Of Hot Welding Machine

1. Characteristics and application of hot melt welding machine

(1) For the nut implant, riveting and molding special models.

(2) Straight center design, imported bearings, smooth operation, no card machine, machine head does not swing.

(3) Adjustable cylinder height, the cylinder has its own buffer, and the welding effect is good.

(4) The maintenance is simple, and the closed circuit design is adopted, and the device has good dustproof effect.

(5) Constant temperature CNC heating, greatly improving welding quality.

(6) Equipped with a foot switch for easier operation.

(7) Applicable to computer consumables, calculators, toys, telephones, etc. LED display zebra cable connection, plastic parts riveting, plastic molding processing, plastic cutting, spot welding, etc.

Hot welding machines are widely used in the printing consumables industry: ink cartridge welding machines, ink cartridge packaging, packaging for printing consumables, and toner cartridge sealing.


2. How to maintain and maintain the heat welder

(1)Before starting the machine, you must confirm whether the moving parts of the machine are normal, whether the lubricating oil is dry or not. If there is any need to add lubrication, please add the lubricating oil in time.

(2)Check whether the buttons of the control system (control panel, box, cabinet) are intact, flexible, reliable and the indicators are intact before starting the machine.

(3)Check if the loose parts are tight and tighten the tightened parts. Check the equipment body for tools, flammable materials, and clean them if they are placed.

(4)Check if the machine loading mold is loose and deformed, and it is safe and reliable. After the above checks are completed, the confirmation is correct before the machine can be turned on.

(5)After starting the machine, check whether the sliding mechanism is unblocked before the operation, whether the lubrication condition is good, whether there is any blockage or stuck phenomenon.

(6)After opening the surface, check whether there is any abnormality in the temperature rise process, and whether the equipment emits odor. If there is any, please turn off the machine to check whether the parts are damaged. (The new electromechanical board will emit a small amount of pungent smell when it is heated.

(7)This equipment belongs to the heat source equipment. If it is off work, please shut down 5-10 minutes in advance, and personnel must be guarded during the cooling process.

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