Causes And Solutions For Hot Ultrasonic Molds

Causes And Solutions For Hot Ultrasonic Molds

Date:Dec 03, 2020

Causes and solutions for hot ultrasonic molds

Ultrasonic mold (HORN) heating is a normal condition, because ultrasonic welding uses vibration and friction to generate heat, which will melt the position where the product needs to be welded. A lot of heat will be formed in actual operation, and the heat will quickly disappear after successful riveting.

If the ultrasonic mold heats up frequently and continuously, then it indicates that there is a problem with the parts. We need to check the mold itself, the vibrator (the ultrasonic transducer and the horn are called vibrators) and the ultrasonic wave For the problem of the output power board, the Nicol Ultrasonic Editor below will introduce you to the reasons and solutions that are likely to cause heating:

1. The ultrasonic mold is normal, but it still generates heat frequently.

This problem may be caused by the operating environment of the equipment. The ultrasonic welding machine should be placed in a ventilated and cool place and ensure that the ultrasonic mold can discharge heat in time.


Place an air pipe next to the ultrasonic mold to assist heat removal.

2. The increased impedance of the vibrator causes the kinetic energy to be unable to be completely transmitted to the product.

The vibrator is composed of an ultrasonic transducer and a titanium alloy horn. After long-term use of the ultrasonic transducer, performance loss (increased impedance) is likely to occur, resulting in a reduction in the conversion efficiency of the kinetic energy output power and causing heat.


It is best to find the original manufacturer to repair or replace the ultrasonic transducer.

3. The ultrasonic mold is destroyed and the frequency changes greatly.

Ultrasonic molds are in direct contact with the product, so they will wear out after long-term use and cause frequency changes. Or a small crack has occurred in the mold causing excessive current and the upper mold generates heat.


Find the original manufacturer to repair or replace the mold.

4. The ultrasonic output power board does not match the vibrator.

New-style intelligent ultrasonic welding may have an output power board for controlling main parameters such as power supply. When the main parameters do not match the main parameters required by the vibrator, heat will occur.


Because the ultrasonic welding machine will be debugged before the machine is released, this kind of situation is not common. After clearing the first 3 problems, find the original manufacturer to replace the control system.

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