Car Logo Handheld Ultrasonic Riveting Spot Welding Machine

Car Logo Handheld Ultrasonic Riveting Spot Welding Machine

Date:Sep 09, 2019

Car Logo Handheld Ultrasonic Riveting Spot Welding Machine

Automotive car standard hand-held ultrasonic riveting point welding machine is commonly used in hot-melt riveting point welding process, and ultrasonic riveting point is also available. According to customer requirements, most car signs now require injection parts riveting points, and ultrasonic riveting point welding effect is stable and firm. One-time molding.


Automobile car standard ultrasonic riveting welding sample


Ultrasonic riveting points will be obvious. Ultrasonic riveting points melt the shape of the car by mechanical energy to generate internal energy.


Ultrasonic welding of automobile vehicles is usually carried out by hand-held ultrasonic spot welding machine, and the corresponding ultrasonic mold can be formulated.



1. The welding speed is fast and can usually be completed in 1 second.

2. High welding strength, good sealing performance, and can maintain material strength.

3. Effective energy saving, health and environmental protection.

4. Suitable for riveting, forming and welding

5. Light weight, easy to carry, easy to operate (handheld)

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