Brief Description Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Transducer

Brief Description Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Transducer

Date:Mar 04, 2021

Brief description of ultrasonic welding machine transducer

Ultrasonic welding machine transducer is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is an electrical component that realizes the mutual conversion of electrical energy and sound energy with piezoelectric effect. It is generally called a piezoelectric transducer. It is a component made of central piezoelectric ceramics. The front and rear are designed with metal cover plates, the screw is pre-stressed, and the electrode sheet and insulating tube are assembled. Sandwich transducers produce stable ultrasonic waves when the load changes, and the power ultrasonic drive source is the most important method. It is designed according to the configuration of the machine.

The transducer of ultrasonic welding machine is also called ultrasonic vibrator by industry personnel. It is one of the most widely used energy conversion devices in China. It is a device that converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy, which converts the input electrical power into mechanical power and then transmits it. When going out, the ultrasonic transducer itself consumes a small part of the power, which is more common in the field of ultrasonic welding machines.

   Ultrasonic welding machine transducer is an independent subject. It covers a wide range of industries, such as physics, chemistry, optics, wave science, electronics, mathematics and signal processing. The direction of the subject research of ultrasonic transducers is to do everything possible to meet the practical requirements of engineering, such as acoustic impedance, impulse response, frequency response, impedance matching, acoustic structure, transducer material and vibration mode, and design and coordinate these basic characteristics to achieve electrical The best conversion of harmonics.

  Different products have different ultrasonic welding machine parameters and operation. Then the transducer is also different. It is matched according to the appearance and material of the product.

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