Automotive Wiring Harness Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Automotive Wiring Harness Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Dec 29, 2020

Automotive wiring harness ultrasonic welding machine

Automotive wire harness welding equipment Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine uses ultrasonic metal welding technology to weld metal wire harnesses. The high-frequency electric energy is converted into mechanical vibration energy through the transducer to act on the metal wire harness. When the temperature of vibration and friction heat reaches the wire harness metal At the melting point, the wire harness will melt, and the wire harness will be fused while the wire harness welding device will apply a certain pressure, and finally the wire harness welding device will be removed and the mechanical vibration will stop, which will form the wire harness welding effect. During the welding process, there is no current passing through the welded part, and there is no welding arc in the electric welding mode. Since ultrasonic welding does not have problems such as heat conduction and resistivity, it is undoubtedly an ideal for non-ferrous metal material wire beam welding. Metal wire beam welding system. Ultrasonic wire beam welding machine is a derivative equipment of ultrasonic metal welding machine, and the wire beam welding effect is generally square. It is mainly used in the welding of copper wires and aluminum wires such as automobile wiring harness and motorcycle wiring harness welding, so it is often called automobile wiring harness welding machine.

Compared with traditional crimp spot welding, the advantages of ultrasonic wire beam welding are as follows:

1. Short welding time, greatly improved efficiency, fast and energy-saving;

2. The welding material does not melt and is not fragile conductor;

3. Excellent electrical conductivity after welding, high strength, extremely low or almost zero resistance;

4. No need for any flux, gas, or solder;

5. Welding without sparks, smoke and dust, environmental protection and safety;

6. Stable welding process, online inspection and control.

At present, the connection between the conductor and the conductor on the export wiring harness has generally adopted ultrasonic welding instead of traditional crimping and solder welding, because ultrasonic welding does not require the use of welding materials, the welding process is stable, the welding process is pollution-free, environmentally friendly and safe, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The most important thing is the superior electrical conductivity after welding. Therefore, the application of ultrasonic metal welding on the wire harness has become recognized as the most economical and the most reliable design feature. It is also the development direction of the domestic wire harness in the future. As the world is environmentally friendly to the automotive industry With the increasing requirements for economy and safety, the application of ultrasonic welding on automotive wiring harnesses will become more and more extensive.

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