Automotive Spoiler Puncture Welding Machine

Automotive Spoiler Puncture Welding Machine

Date:Jun 12, 2018

Automotive spoiler puncture welding machine


Automobile spoiler welding machine belongs to an ultrasonic multi-head welding machine which is used by ultrasonic puncture welding method, the two ABS injection parts are directly welded together without any medium. The welding process is stable, strong degree of noumenon intensity 70%, the cost is better than the effect of the glue on the market.


Working principle: Automobile spoiler is usually called automobile rear wing board or automobile tail fin plate , and rear wing board is made up of two to three parts. In order to achieve aesthetics, ultrasonic spot welding is usually used. The automobile spoiler welding machine consists of multiple sets of 35k ultrasonic systems with two sets of ultrasonic handles. Tailor-made soldering stations facilitate the welding of the tail fins of various automobile manufacturers to achieve beautiful, efficient, and firm purposes.


Automotive spoiler tail puncture ultrasonic multi-station automatic welding machine is a multi-station ultrasonic welding non-standard equipment, multi-position movement is to facilitate the solder tail when welding the upper and lower parts of the welding point distribution. Because the rear wing structure is more diverse, after injection molding of the upper and lower parts, the assembly is completed through the second welding. The original assembly process is changed from glue bonding and nut fixing to the current ultrasonic puncture welding, which greatly improves the environmental protection and cost saving. The advantage of using ultrasonic welding is that the welding speed is fast and the welding fastness is high. Different tail assembly welding can be completed on one device at the same time by replacing the welding tooling. The ultrasonic system of this equipment adopts the imported system, so the ultrasonic output has high stability and low failure rate. The ultrasonic welding head adopts imported alloy material, which greatly increases the service life of the welding head. Generally, the welding tempo of one tail wing can be completed between 55 and 80S. Different tail spoiler plates have different production cycles depending on the number of solder joints.


Spoiler Puncture Welding Machine


 The effect of puncture


Welding equipment station 

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