Automotive Interior Nonwoven Welding

Automotive Interior Nonwoven Welding

Date:Aug 08, 2019

Non-woven sound-insulating cotton plays an important role in the automotive market. Sound-insulating cotton has good thermal insulation effect and is used on plastic interior parts to effectively reduce the noise caused by vehicle operation. Sound insulation cotton is widely used in the automotive industry.

 The welding of automobile non-woven sound insulation cotton is completed by ultrasonic spot welding.

Automotive interior non-woven welding machine process:

Manually put the plastic parts of the car into the tooling under the equipment (the bottom mold according to the product copy), and fix it. At the same time, put the non-woven sound insulation cotton in the designated position, press the clamping device (to prevent the non-woven fabric from slipping) Then start the device and the device will automatically complete the welding of all points (the welding process is done automatically by mechanical action). The welded automotive interior parts are manually removed from the machine table and the next cycle is performed.

The device is equipped with safety grating and pre-pressure alarm function (position is not correctly operated), which effectively ensures the safety of workers during the operation of the equipment. Easy to operate, reliable performance, compact size, and improved production efficiency and quality.

Scope of application:

Car door panel damping silencer pad

Car coat rack silencer pad

Car wheel cover sound insulation cotton

Car fender insulation board

Car door inner village

Engine cover, soundproof cotton

Equipment advantages:

1. It adopts PLC man-machine interface, which is easy to operate and can be combined with semi-automatic production.

2. The equipment is equipped with a screw positioning screw to facilitate the adjustment of the welding orientation and ensure the degree of welding.

3. The equipment adopts 25mm high-purity steel structure, and the equipment is durable and can be produced in three shifts per day.

4. The device is equipped with a safety light barrier and a reset emergency stop button for safer operation.

5. The equipment has low welding energy consumption and is easy to clean.


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