Application Of Ultrasonic Welding In The Automotive Industry

Application Of Ultrasonic Welding In The Automotive Industry

Date:Sep 28, 2020

Ultrasonic welding machines are widely used in the automotive industry:

In the automotive industry, welding is a key link in the manufacture of automotive parts and bodywork. It plays a special role in connecting the upper and lower. At the same time, there are many models of automobile products, complex forming structures, specialized parts production, standardization, and quality of automobile manufacturing. The comprehensive requirements of efficiency and cost determine that automotive welding is a multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and technologically integrated production process:

1. pairs of welded parts require high dimensional accuracy:

In order to ensure the assembly precision and dimensional stability of the product, it is required to minimize the precision deviation of the thin plate parts before welding and the thermal stress and deformation after welding;

2. pairs of welded joints have high performance requirements:

Not only must meet static and dynamic mechanical performance indicators, but also have severe low cycle fatigue performance requirements;

3. High quality and consistent requirements for batch welding production;

4. High tempo and high efficiency requirements for the welding production process;

5. Quality control and assurance of “zero defects”;

The requirements for monitoring and information management of automated welding processes are proposed.

In view of the development goals of “lighter, safer, better performance and lower cost” for automotive products, current automotive welding technology is rapidly expanding and expanding based on traditional material connection concepts and methods, and is advanced to advanced The development of quantitative welding manufacturing, the main welding methods are resistance welding, gas shielded welding, plasma welding, laser welding technology (mainly used for body welding, welding and parts welding), plastic welding technology.


Altrasonic offers ultrasonic plastic welding solutions for a wide range of applications: ultrasonic welding of automotive plastic parts, plastic welding of medical equipment, ultrasonic welding of household appliances, ultrasonic welding of non-woven fabrics, etc.

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