Application Principle Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Application Principle Of Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Jul 19, 2019

Application principle of ultrasonic welding machine


The working principle of ultrasonic plastic welding machine: using ultrasonic vibration frequency, contact friction generates heat to melt and combine plastic. According to the current, it is 20,000 times per second (20 kHz) and 15,000 vibrations per second ( There are two kinds of special vibration frequencies, 15 kHz. Because of the limited space, only the two common fusions of 15 kHz and 20 kHz are introduced.


The method can be divided into direct welding and conduction two welding methods.


Direct welding: firstly make materials such as lines or belts overlap each other (eg, riveting, embedding, etc.), fixed on the ultrasonic plastic welding machine fixture, let its energy converter (HORN) directly generate sound vibration performance And welding.

Conductive welding: that is, when welding, it is separated from the ultrasonic vibration, and separated by a distance, and transmitted by its ultrasonic vibration (for example, plastic shell welding, etc.).


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