​Application Of Ultrasonic Sealing Machine In Industry

​Application Of Ultrasonic Sealing Machine In Industry

Date:Nov 25, 2020

Application of Ultrasonic Sealing Machine in Industry

Compared with the traditional tail sealing machine, the ultrasonic tail sealing machine has the advantages of fast sealing speed, good quality and clean and environmental protection. Like the ultrasonic welding machine, it uses ultrasonic technology to seal the metal workpiece and plastic hose. Because it can fuse a variety of materials, it is more widely used than ultrasonic welding machines. In most of the products we see around, their sealing work can be done by ultrasonic sealing machine.

Before the invention of the ultrasonic sealing machine, the electric heating type sealing machine was used. Every milk tea shop has a sealing machine, which uses electricity to generate heat to heat the plastic, so that the plastic film adheres to the plastic cup mouth. This kind of technology cannot generate high temperature in a short time, so it is difficult to apply to industry, and it is gradually eliminated. With the technological innovation of ultrasonic welding machines, ultrasonic technology has been applied to the tail sealing machine, and the ultrasonic tail sealing machine has been called by the times and entered people's field of vision.

Ultrasonic tail sealing machines are widely used in industrial production, and products of different materials can have tail sealing machines. In the daily use of electrical appliances, the copper ports of refrigerators, water dispensers and air conditioners are used to cut off the seals. For daily necessities, the end of the toothpaste shell we use uses this process, as well as facial cleansers and ointment shells of the same shape. Just like the ultrasonic welding machine is good at fusing PE, PVC and PP and other plastics, it has a very good fusion effect on these plastic hoses, and the sealing effect is also very obvious.

Ultrasonic sealing machine solves the problem of material sealing in various fields, making the sealing process more exquisite, and the flatness of the sealing is better and more beautiful. Together with ultrasonic machines such as ultrasonic welding machines, it has brought a new revolution in industrial production. . In the beginning, the ultrasonic welding machine was continuously improved, optimized its function, and created the ultrasonic sealing machine. I believe that with the development of science and technology, more advanced machines will be created and used in industrial production.

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