Application Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine For Wire Harness

Application Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine For Wire Harness

Date:Oct 10, 2020

Application of ultrasonic metal welding machine for wire harness

At present, most domestic enterprises generally use the crimping process in the processing of terminal and wire harness welding. The quality of the processed products is also relatively common, and it is difficult to apply to some high-end high-standard products. There are several reasons. 1. The tensile test is not closed. Loose, broken, and cracked phenomena occur during actual use. When Tesla tested the charging piles in Nanjing, it was because the welding strength of the terminals was short and the explosion occurred. 2, poor electrical conductivity, high resistivity.

1.Comparative analysis of ultrasonic welding process of terminal block and traditional crimping

So if the company wants to produce some high-end terminal products, what welding process should it use? Today, I will talk about the ultrasonic welding process with everyone.

The principle of ultrasonic welding is very simple, that is, the generator emits high-frequency electric energy, and the electric energy is converted into mechanical vibration by the transducer, and after being adjusted to the resonance frequency by the horn, it is transmitted to the contact surface of the welding workpiece through the ultrasonic special welding head.

When the high-frequency vibration occurs at the two metal contact faces, the temperature rises instantaneously, the metal surface is fused, and the metal molecular structure is mutually fused; under the pressure of the external force. The two metals are tightly joined together. This soldering process occurs very quickly, usually in about 1 second, without the need to add flux, solder, shielding gas, etc. The surface of the weld metal does not need to be treated in advance, and all oxides and contaminants are removed in high frequency vibration.

2.Welding of ultrasonic harnesses and terminal blocks

There is no spark in this process, residue splashing and soot, it can be said that it is the most environmentally safe and safe welding technology.

3.Comparative analysis of ultrasonic welding process of terminal block and traditional crimping

What is the effect of ultrasonic terminal welding?

Tensile test: The 0.85 square wire was repeatedly tested at a tensile force of 130 N, and the ultrasonic welding and the terminal crimping were not pulled off.

Resistance test: 0.85 square meters, length 600mm wire, under the test of digital DC bridge, the average value of ultrasonic welding is 10.30mΩ, and the average value of terminal crimping is 11.62mΩ.

It can be seen from the test results that the resistance of the ultrasonic welding is 1.32 mΩ lower than that of the terminal crimping, thereby improving the electrical conductivity of the wire harness and the new energy of signal transmission.

Therefore, some high-profile wire harness terminal products are currently welded by ultrasonic waves. These products are also commonly used in automotive wiring harnesses, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, charging piles, and some high-voltage cables.

4.Application of ultrasonic wire harness welding

The welding process is constantly innovating. How to establish its own product reputation in the enterprise and stand out from many products? Process upgrades are indispensable.

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