Application And Function Of Ultrasonic Therapeutic Apparatus

Application And Function Of Ultrasonic Therapeutic Apparatus

Date:Jun 02, 2018

1. In terms of regions, with the use of ultrasonic warm effect and mechanical effect and strong penetrating power, make the ultrasonic effect on the body throughout the acupuncture point, can be comparable to the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion acupuncture point stimulation effect of equivalent.

(2) in the treatment of soft tissue injury and chronic pain through ultrasonic super strong penetrating power, improve the therapeutic part of cell membrane permeability, improve blood circulation, make the cell repair process and development; At the same time, the function of the human body neurohumoral system of ultrasonic has strong sensitivity, its form of neural and humoral response, has the comprehensive functions of adjusting human body's mechanism, especially for chronic injuries have special effects, when ultrasonic propagation, the direction of the ultrasonic energy concentration, has a unique energy features. So we can achieve the goal of treatment.

3. The body exercise rehabilitation ultrasonic can improve microcirculation, improve the surrounding blood supply, stimulating mast cells release chemokines, promote the phagocytes gathered in lesion and strengthen the function of phagocyte, dredge blood vessels, actively establish collateral circulation for the purpose. Promote the blood supply of affected limbs, improve microcirculation, promote the establishment of side technology circulation, reduce pain.

4. Surgery: ultrasound has a good therapeutic effect on the prevention and treatment of surgical complications, preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation.

5. In the orthopaedic aspects: ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus by temperature effect and the physical and chemical effects of ultrasound, game focal disease targeted by accurate treatment, local targeted drug treatment to strengthen the body, and the synergistic treatment before and after operation, with the physical therapy treatment.

6. In internal medicine, on the basis of patients' systemic administration, local ultrasound drugs are introduced for collaborative treatment to improve the efficacy and shorten the course of treatment.

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