Application And Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cutter

Application And Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cutter

Date:Jul 16, 2018

Application and Advantages of Ultrasonic Cutter


Application of ultrasonic cutter

Raw rubber, Pipe

Frozen meat

Candy ,Chocolate

Printed circuit board  

Industrial cutting

Jewelry cutting

Plastic products cutting

Food processing

Printing industry cutting

Automotive industry natural fiber segmentation

Deep excavation of synthetic fibers (multi-layer circuit cutting)

Plastic casing cutting

Thin synthetic resin processing

Paper cutting

Bottom film cutting

Semi-steel tire cutting, radial tire cutting, inner liner cutting , sidewall cutting


Advantages of ultrasonic cutter


1. Wide range: All kinds of textile materials can be cut by ultrasonic.

2. No pollution: the equipment is only heated to about 50℃, it will not produce smoke and odor, and it also eliminates the danger of injury and fire during cutting. 

3. High reliability: When the ultrasonic generator works, it will generate electromagnetic vibration of 20-40KHZ, and it will be converted into mechanical oscillation by piezoelectric ceramics. This oscillation transmitted to the ultrasonic cutting blade and the cutting material, and heated up from the inside material, then the material is mechanically divided. In contrast to high temperature cutting, ultrasonic waves use mainly mechanical energy rather than thermal energy, less wear on ultrasonic cutting blades.

4. The cutting is neat: the cutting edge is very neat, and the warp and weft of the fabric will not displaced or detached. Cotton fabrics and viscose fabrics can be cut at up to 10 m/min on stenter and cylindrical fabric slitting machine. When cutting the non-thermoplastic material, the fibers are finished or the fibers edge been fused when enter the ultrasonic working area. 

5. Traditional comparison: Compared with the cold cutting process, when the thermoplastic material been cut, the edge of the slit is fused. Compared to thermal cutting, the use of ultrasonic cutting allows the edges of the cutting fabric to be very soft, avoiding melt shrinkage and excessive edge thickening. Since the ultrasonic waves are heated from the inside of the fabric rather than from the outside, the fabric is not yellowed.

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