Analysis Of The Causes Of Cracks In Ultrasonic Molds

Analysis Of The Causes Of Cracks In Ultrasonic Molds

Date:Jan 26, 2021

Analysis of the causes of cracks in ultrasonic molds

The simple crack of the ultrasonic mold is mainly caused by two major aspects:

The design of the ultrasonic mold is unreasonable, and the optimal frequency is not reached when the precision frequency trimming is not possible. Therefore, the ultrasonic energy is not completely released during the application. But most of them stay in the ultrasonic mold.

Overnight, the mold will show weak welding, mold heating, and then the mold will show cracks. To deal with this question, you must first choose a professional ultrasonic welding machine manufacturer to manufacture ultrasonic molds. Experience will definitely account for more than half of the success and failure, and then whether the master has made it according to the plan during the manufacturing process and whether there are repeated repairs. Make the mold reach the best condition.

Second: Ultrasonic welding head needs wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties in material selection, and hardness is slightly higher than other aluminum alloys. It is the best choice for ultrasonic molds, and the quotation is relatively high, usually used in aircraft structural parts.

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