Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cell Pulverizer

Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cell Pulverizer

Date:Oct 21, 2020

Advantages Of Ultrasonic Cell Pulverizer 

In the development process of the ultrasonic cell crusher, it has the characteristics of high activity crushing of cells, which improves the efficiency of sample processing and the cell crushing rate of cells. Once the sample is processed once, the cell crushing rate can reach more than 99%. The physiological activity of the target protein is protected to the greatest extent, and some preliminary results have been obtained.

Ultrasonic cell crusher uses ultra-high pressure energy to crush cells. Compared with ultrasound, the ultrasonic cell crusher has the advantages of maintaining cell viability, saving time and reducing sample loss, and can handle a large number of samples. Therefore, the continuous development and improvement of the ultrasonic battery crusher and its contribution to mass production are considerable.

In the biotechnology industry, the cost of separation and purification usually accounts for 60% to 90% of the total process cost. China's biotechnology industry is dominated by traditional fermentation industries. Product separation and purification are the most important stages in the fermentation industry. It is the downstream of the entire fermentation production line, not only determines the output, but also determines the quality and safety of the product. This part includes more operations: separating cells from fermentation broth, releasing intracellular products through damaged cells, separating membranes through cell separation, etc.

The ultrasonic cell pulverizer used for ultrasonic crushing and crushing is the most commonly used crushing method in biological production at present. Fermentation broth of different strains. The effect of ultrasonic treatment is quite different. Generally, bacilli are more easily broken than cocci, and gram-negative bacterial cells are more easily broken than gram-positive bacterial cells, and they have a poor effect on yeast. Advantages: simple operation, low fluid loss, suitable for laboratory scale.

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