Advanced Technology Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Machining For Hard And Brittle Material

Advanced Technology Rotary Ultrasonic Assisted Machining For Hard And Brittle Material

Date:Jun 29, 2018

Advanced Technology Rotary Ultrasonic assisted machining for hard and brittle material


The application of ultrasonic technology in industry began in the 1920s. It is based on classical acoustic theory, and combines an electronic technology, metrology technology, mechanical vibration and material science and other scientific fields to develop an integrated technology. The application of ultrasonic technology in mechanical processing can be divided into two categories according to its processing technology characteristics. One is ultrasonic abrasive processing with abrasives, such as ultrasonic hole processing, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic polishing, ultrasonic deburring and so on. The other category is the use of ultrasonic machining in combination with cutting tools and other machining methods, such as rotary ultrasonic drilling, grinding, and milling. Ultrasonic electrochemistry, ultrasonic vibratory cutting, ultrasonic discharge machining and ultrasonic random processing.


Applied research status:

At present, rotary ultrasonic machining is increasingly used in many industrial fields, such as automobile industry, tool and mold manufacturing, optical components, semiconductor industry, medical industry, etc.


Advantages :

The process is non-thermal, non-chemical, and non-electrical, leaving the chemical and physical properties of the workpiece unchanged. This low-stress process translates into high reliability for your critical applications.


Multiple features can be machined at the wafer or substrate level simultaneously, and the process is scalable. Our process is often the highest quality and lowest cost solution.


Ultrasonic machined features have vertical side walls, enabling you to preserve valuable space for your designs that translate into higher productivity.


The process integrates well with semiconductor and MEMS processes. Machined features can be aligned to previously patterned, machined, or etched substrates.

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