3D Ultrasonic Knife Trimming And Deflashing

3D Ultrasonic Knife Trimming And Deflashing

Date:Jun 20, 2018

3D Ultrasonic Knife Trimming and Deflashing


Dynamic Robotic Solutions' patented ultrasonic knife trimming technology combines the efficiency and simplicity of DRS' standard 3D robotic systems with the latest and greatest sonic knife trimming technology. 3D ultrasonic machining offers total flexibility in material processing for manufacturers over a typical ultrasonic cutting machine application.


Blow-molders and injection molders are faced with the unique challenge of accurately trimming parts that are continuously shrinking. The trimming process selected must accommodate these part size changes while maintaining quality and efficiency.


Dynamic Robotic Solutions' compliant knife technology provides an ultrasonic cutter that gives blow molders and injection molders the ability to process parts quickly, easily and safely with an ultrasonic cutting machine solution that is flexible, reliable and easy to use.


Dynamic Robotic Solutions also offers complete ultrasonic knife trimming systems. Ultrasonic knife technology is ideal for trimming soft materials (like cured and uncured rubber, soft plastics, cloth, polyurethane, foam and leathers, among others) that can't be cut easily with a compliant knife.

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