35K 1200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

35K 1200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

Date:Jun 04, 2019

35K 1200W ultrasonic plastic welder


1. Removable amplitude modulator for a wide range of applications

2.ultra-efficient conversion transducer, output high suburban stability

3. New American circuit, square column structure, better performance. Newly developed digital anti-interference time control loop, which overcomes the problem that the time control system is susceptible to electric field, magnetic field interference or other electronic factors, and achieves more precise time control and Maximum security

4.advanced soft start mode design to avoid damage to the mold

5.frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation have a wide range of resonant frequency

6.the bottom plate adjustable and free of horizontal adjustment, mode adjustment is simple and convenient

7.the welding head drop buffer setting, better to achieve non-destructive appearance precision welding

8.action mode: pneumatic


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