30kHz High Speed Ultrasonic Assembly

30kHz High Speed Ultrasonic Assembly

Date:Jul 16, 2019

30kHz High Speed Ultrasonic Assembly



spot welding


The ultrasonic waves vibrate 10's of thousands of times per-second. This oscillation is transferred to a contact surface that is directly in contact with the plastic parts. Since the boundary of the welding area has a large acoustic impedance, it produces high temperatures. Plastic is a pretty poor conductor of heat and can't dissipate the heat before it changes the state of the plastic from solid to liquid. With a bit of pressure applied, this makes the two parts blend together as if they are a single piece of plastic. Once the ultrasonic signal is stopped, the parts become solid again. This is the magic that creates a weld between the two parts that is clean and very strong. The weld will have a strength that is close to that of the raw materials being formed together in an injection molding process.


ApplianceFixtures, hardware, and enclosure assembly, welding of components.
AutomotiveParts and body components, instrument panels, headlight assemblies, under hood assemblies.
CosmeticAssembly of compacts and other containers, sealing tubes, packaging.
Electronic/ElectricalComponent, connector cable and wire harness assemblies, enclosure cases and instrument faces, audio/video cassette and cartridge, switch assemblies.
FoodSealing of pouches, tray containers and fillable fillable tubes; sealing microwavable containers; product packaging.
HardwareProduct assembly and blister pack packaging.
 Health CareProduct containers and accessories.
 InstrumentWelding and staking case assemblies and face covers.
MedicalSterile package sealing; equipment component assembly; syringes and filters.
PackagingWelding extruded plastic sheet for boxes/containers, package sealing.
TextileFabric slitting, joining or embossing.
Toy and GameAssembly of game elements and product packaging.

Type of Horn:

Two types of horn

Our service:

If you are not sure whether your application is suited for ultrasonic assembly, please rely on us. We are here to help you. Our applications lab is staffed with highly trained ultrasonic specialists whom you can call at any time for advice or information. They will evaluate your applications from parts, prototypes or blueprints, and provide you with prompt and knowledgeable recommendations. This no-cost, no obligation service includes feasibility engineering studies, design recommendations, and material guidance much more.

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